Monday, February 25, 2013

2/24/2013 Double Page Spreads

Here's a shot of the double page spread I'm working on.  I'm doing my best not to show you every page I work on, because I want there to be the element of surprise when you finally get to read it.  But this page is a bit of an exception because I worked on it for so long and I was just too psyched not to show people! 

Been also messing around on my sketchbook.  Red and blue pencil lead sure makes everything prettier!

I should probably get a scanner for some of this shit.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

2/14/2012 Valentines Day Fun

Well, it's that time of year.  This one's for all you forever alones out there!  Worry not, because I am one of you!

Close friends know, but now my dear readers will know that today, to me, is known as; Happy Renew My Xbox Live Annual Subscription Day!!!  Rip out the party poppers, cuz this is a day of celebration!!!

I try to make a nice little ritual of chattin with friends, renewing my annual subscriptions, and my favorite part of the day; draw something sexy!  And you guys get to reap the rewards of my annual tradition! Enjoy, friends!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2/4/2013 Shit that's goin

I'm going to post a few desk shots as well, but just to shake it up a bit, I'm posting some FAN ART!!!

Seems like I'm in a bit of a marvel kick these days.  I thought it'd be cool to do some Spiral fan art over the weekend.

Dance, you sweet lady, dance!

I'll be honest, I first fell in love with Spiral from watching people play her in Marvel Vs Capcom 2.  She has a bizarre dance for an idle animation, and she has really weird looking moves.

Readers who have good memory will remember I talked about my attraction towards weird fighting game characters.  I wondered for a while why she was so weird in MvC2, and one day I ended up on her Wikipedia page.  Apparently she has to do these elaborate hand gestures and dances to conjure up her cosmic powers, allowing her to teleport, skip dimensions, summon swords, etc.  WHICH IS TOTALLY AWESOME.  And that's pretty much when i fell in love with this character.

Last week I was passing by my co-worker's desk and saw this.  Pretty old news at this point, but I haven't been paying too much attention to what's going on in comics these days.  Spiral's part of the Uncanny X-Force!  I was stoked to see her again!  Seems like she's some sort of raver in the series, which is kind of a cool/silly re-imagining of her cosmic dances, but either way I'm actually interested in reading an American comic!


As promised, here are some more desk shots.  I'm finally done with the "build-up."  NOW IT'S TIME FOR ACTION!!! I still have a ton more pages to finish before this chapter is done.  But hold on to your horses, it'll all be worth it in the end!

Close followers of this blog will have seen this page develop over the past few posts

Also, I'm working on another drawing project (doing the spiral fan-art has inspired me to do an ink painting.  More on this in the future.)  I dug up one of my old sketchbooks.  Finding it still had a few blank pages, I started to sketch in it.  But while I was flipping through it, I found a drawing I haven't shown anyone!  This is a really old drawing, but I was so psyched to see it.  I remember this drawing took me almost a week to finish, and I had to look at a TON of reference for it, too.