-Knowledgeable in Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, ZBrush
 -High understanding of human anatomy
 -High understanding of lighting and color
 -High quality concept painting
 -Ability to draw in perspective in 2D drawing
 -Ability to describe mechanical detail in drawing
 -Able to create high quality character assets


38 Studios 2011- Present

  Title: Digital Presence Illustrator
   -Created assets for the web including illustrations, animations, and typography
   -Worked closely with art directors to create assets that were stylistically consistent with the game team

Harmonix Music Systems Inc.  2006-2011


  Dance Central 2:  Character Artist/Modeler
  -Concepted, modeled, and textured fully realized main character assets.
  -Helped with motion capture for character intros.

  Dance Central:  Character Artist/Modeler
  -Concepted backup dancers to assist main characters dance moves
  -Concepted and created orthographic drawings for crowd models
  -Started modeling and texturing backup dancers.

  RockBand 3:  Character Artist
  -Concepted character assets for character customization
  -Drew storyboards for initial testing of the RockBand Vignettes.

  The Beatles: RockBand:  Character Artist
  -In addition to the same responsibilities as previous games, assisted the tech art department in skinning assets and creating simple rigs for hair physics
  -Assisted the tech art department with asset integration

  RockBand 2:  Character Artist
  -Fulfilled the same responsibilities as in RockBand
  RockBand: Character Artist
  -Concepted character assets for character customization
  -Drew orthographic drawings of assets to help assist outsource companies create 3D models for the game

  Guitar Hero 2 Xbox360: Quality Assurance

  -Graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2006 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration

Phone: 401-864-9512