Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Odd Happnenings In the Street

Hey guys, how's it going.  As some of you may know, i've been livestreaming my work these days.  If you look at the top, you'll see a link to my livestream channel.  Check it out some time, if you're ever bored.  I've also been archiving some vids, so even if i'm not on, there's plenty of watching material.

I've made the mistake of beginning this painting on the stream, and finishing it offline.  Next time, i gotta be better about recording all of my steps...

Anyway, I've just been experimenting with just making crazy subject matters.  And let me tell you, it is fun!  Just starting out with a sketch, and letting the drawing go wherever it wants to go, is a fun way to make art.  Hopefully i'll do more of these!


  1. Rad man! Did you flip the art (mirror) from right to left? I remember it being the other way in the stream

  2. Yep! I flip the image every few hours, so i can make sure the composition is balanced! How observant, sir!