Monday, March 5, 2012

3/4/2012 WIP

Hello everyone, it's been a few days, so here's a bit of an update on what i've been working on!

The city skyline painting is something I'm doing as part of my blog redesign.  I don't want to give too much away, I want there to be a bit of a surprise on what the end product is actually going to look like, so stay tuned!  It's going to be a fun one!

I hesitated posting this skyline painting I'm working on, even though it's a WIP, I'm a bit dissatisfied with it.  I'm not sure what's going on with the colors in this one, but hopefully I'll be able to pull things together sooner or later.  Working on environmental shots is always a challenge for me.  I'm used to understanding forms, but when it comes to creating space, it's a bit more difficult for me.  Which brings me to a realization I've had; Always include a background to your painting!  The practice is invaluable.  I've done too many paintings where I simply draw a figure on a white background.  Since I was a character concept artist by trade for most of my professional career, I've neglected mastering environments for a while.  Learning's always fun, but it's tough to think inversely (from forms to spaces) from what I'm used to.  But in the immortal words of Kintaro Oe; STUDY STUDY STUDY!

Also, a few friends came over during the weekend, and we had a bit of a movie marathon.  And movie marathons are a great opportunity for some doodling!

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