Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cars and Stuff

 First off, sorry for the long absence!  I like to post here as often as I can, but I've been working on storyboards for the last couple weeks.  Well, I just got done with that a few days ago, so now I'm moving on to doing some concepts.  Took me a couple days, but I finally decided on a shape for the car that I want to be in my comic.  Couldn't really think up a good name for it, so for now it's simply called the R.  

I've been obsessed recently with Japanese classic cars.  What I've dubbed affectionately as "Mini Muscle Cars".  Mainly I've been looking at cars like the 1974 Toyota Celica GT , and the Datsun 240Z.  I've really grown to love the grunty brutish look put on cars that are much smaller than the traditional American muscle cars.  They look to have a spunky attitude, a kind of "I know I'm small, but I'm ready to fight!" feel to them.  

I knew I wanted to get a bit of that feel, but more modernized.  I wanted to design something that was a mix between a rally racer, and one of those mini muscle cars.  And this is what I came up with!  I like the little snub nosed beast I came up with.  I ended up throwing in some 90s street racer elements in there too.  Try to guess them if you think you know what they are!

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