Saturday, September 1, 2012

9/1/2012 Update

 Holding slow and steady on the comic front.  Progress is by no means fast, but I'm at a comfortable pace.  I thought I'd update a bit of my work progress, so enjoy!

In other news, I've finally landed a job!  I'll be working with Playdom located out in Seattle.  Seeing that I live in Rhode Island at the moment, this is going to be a big move for me.  The idea of moving across the country has me a bit nervous about such a big change, but I'm excited that I finally get to leave New England (I've been trying to leave New England since I graduated college).

I guess I have gotten attached to this place because I've lived here for so long.  Or maybe it's that I've just gotten used to living here, but I find myself thinking that I will miss this place.  None the less, I'm excited to meet a whole new group of people, memorize a whole new set of names, scoot around in a new city and open up the gate for new experiences. 

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