Sunday, January 27, 2013

1/27/2013 Still In Progress

Hello Folks!  I'm staying true to my word, and I'm making another post WITHOUT the 3 month interim.  I'm just working hard on the comic whenever I have free time, and those who have made comics before know that this is a slow process.  Anyhow, it seems like I'm posting another desk shot!

A few pages I've been working on over the weekend.

 More drawings ahead!

I definitely am feeling rusty on the inking.  Before I moved to Seattle, and had plenty of free time, I remember finishing multiple pages before accidentally smudging some wet ink.  But this new batch of pages, seems like I've had to correct a mistake on every page!

Anyhow, I also had a chance to work on some beauty shots!  Not sure what I'll be using these for, but I'm sure they'll come in handy sooner or later.

 I'm slowly running out of background noise to put on while I work.  If anyone has any suggestions for netflix videos or awesome breakbeats, please shoot me a message!


  1. I got three steps for you. Shut up, finish the comic, and take my money.

    I can see those 2 prints at the bottom becoming reallllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy fancy art prints. Just saying, I'll throw you X amount of dollars for them.

    I've been listening to College ( Junior Boys (, and CFCF a lot lately (

    1. Rob, you beautiful son of a bitch, I will do my god damn best.