Tuesday, March 11, 2014

3/11/2014 Tac-Mage

The persistent challenge facing the modern mage is the need for a consistent mana source in an ever changing combat environment and the stealth needed for the mage to finish reciting his spells without being detected by the enemy.  With the patented BakTac™ Ghillie suit system, you can carry your favorite mana rich vegetation on you at all times. 

The BakTac™ system allows you to create a mini Eco-system you can pull from whenever necessary.  Add high mana generating poison spiders and black adders to the mix for on the fly sacrifices needed for spell boosts when encountering pinch situations.

Paired with the TuffTome™ digital display spell book, the modern mage now boasts the most compact magic systems in history, ready for any challenge in the modern battlefield.

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