Monday, February 20, 2012

2/20/2012 WIP

Hello everyone!  I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend!  Fortunately, I had Monday off too, because of president's day, giving me time to do some fan art.  Neither of these are by any means done, but I wanted to start documenting my progress by posting unfinished/ in progress art.

The My Little Pony piece is starting to get out of hand for me.  The colors are becoming hard to keep under control, since the characters are so wildly colored, it's hard to try to pick out the right colors on the first go.  I have a few ideas to pull them back together.  I'm also trying to paint only using soft edge brushes.  This seems to be giving me an overall soft piece, but I'm trying to figure out how to get some depth, and layering while keeping it soft. 

Barely even got started on my Third Strike fan art.  I always seem to gravitate towards oddball characters.  I thought Oro and Q were the coolest designs in third strike, so i thought I'd do some fan art for the old pooper.  It's too bad that Oro has about 0 mass appeal.  It'd be cool to see him in one of the newer games.  Anyway!  I'll be posting more WIPs of this one soon!

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